Our Roots

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I was inspired to start Tagua Coaching following the work I did supporting early career teachers in Ecuador in 2016.  This experience was transformational as I saw how learning and education transcends cultural and political contexts and the power of coaching and mentoring in a very different context. I learnt a lot about developing people during this time and had the opportunity to get to know some amazing inspirational and dedicated people who are continuing to transform the educational landscape in Ecuador today.  For me, it was a chance to step out of my daily work, reflect on my own development and consider what I really loved doing.  I came to a simple conclusion: I love coaching and I want to spend more time supporting people to achieve their ambitions.

Tagua (pronounced tag-wha) is a palm tree indigenous to the tropical rainforests from Panama to Peru and it’s seeds are often used as a sustainable and ethical alternative to ivory. I first came across tagua when I was given a gift made from tagua seeds by one of the teachers, Miguel, whom I worked with in Guayaquil. The seeds symbolised the growth that happens through education, coaching and having someone to guide and support you in your career. This gift and conversation motivated me to start Tagua Coaching so that I can support others to grow their careers. I was very privileged to coach Miguel at the beginning of his career and have enjoyed watching his career and impact on pupils in Ecuador go from strength to strength.

Whether you are starting out at the beginning of your career, fancy a change or aren’t sure what to do long term, I would love to support you to grow your career.

Coaching Philosophy

As the world around us is changing so are our careers. We spend about a third of our lives working and with many of us facing longer careers, it is more important than ever to be happy and fulfilled in our work. I want to support more people to feel energised, motivated and confident in their working life and challenged by a ambitious plan for their career.

I believe that everyone can solve their own challenges and the coaching process and relationship is a catalyst to make that happen.  Change is always possible with the right mix of good questions, support, challenge and coaching intuition. Coaching is about helping you to create the change you want, understand your goals, breakdown any barriers to achieving them and set manageable actions that will see you make sustained progress.  It is not just the change that is important but also learning more about yourself that is a significant outcome of coaching. Examining our career means examining who we are, understanding our values, our motivations and our ambitions which often aren’t in tune with our job.  I believe that supporting you with your career means looking holistically at you, the whole person and helping you to become proactive rather than reactive in growing your career.  In our sessions, you will set the agenda for what you need and I will design a bespoke programme of support to help you grow your career.

Coaching has given me the motivation and momentum to challenge myself throughout my career and I am excited to support you to achieve your goals and feel fulfilled in your career too.

If you are interested in working together, email deborah@taguacoaching.com